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Available for limited time only from 17 May 2023.

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Truffle Tatsutaage Chicken Burger
Crispy breaded chicken thigh topped with truffle mayonnaise and truffle oil, on top of butterhead lettuce, sliced tomato, and sliced cheese.
Meal comes with fries and Mango Tea. 
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5pc Hand-made Onion Rings
Fresh onion rings in signature batter
Sharing Set
2pc chicken tatsutaage, 2pc battered chicken, 4pc chicken nuggets, 8pc hand-made onion rings, fries, truffle mayonnaise, nacho cheese sauce, tartar sauce and 2 regular Coke/Coke Zero Sugar/Sprite
truffle fries
Truffle Fries
Crispy fries topped with truffle mayonnaise and truffle oil, grated parmesan cheese and shredded dried parsley.
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Mango Tea
Hearty, full-bodied black tea blended with fresh mango flavor.


Available from 26 Apr 2023, from 11am onwards

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LJS Grilled Chicken Salad
2pc pan-grilled skinless chicken fillet on top of crisp butterhead lettuce, shredded cabbage, and carrots, sliced tomato and sweet corn kernels. Served with Dasani drinking water.
*Salad comes with a choice of roasted sesame sauce or thousand island sauce.
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