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Exclusively available at Hillion Mall, Kampung Admiralty, Northpoint City, Wisteria Mall, Woods Square and YewTee Point. While stocks last.

Xtra Srunchy Smashed Chicken - wix.png
XTRA CRUNCY Smashed Chicken with Happy Soda
Spicy, crispy battered fried chicken with fiery sambal. Served with fragrant rice, sliced tomato and cucumber, and sparkling milky concoction with F&N Cheeky Cherryade
Happy Soda - wix.png
Happy Soda
Sparkling milky concoction with F&N Cheeky Cherryade

Swap Out The Fries

Valid for Golden Deals and Burger category only.

Corn Cup
No additional charge
Swap fries to cheesy mashed potato
Swap fries to tomato pasta
Green Salad
Cheesy Mashed Potato
Tomato Pasta
Swap fries to corn cup
Swap fries to green salad