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About Us

In Singapore, the first Long John Silver's restaurant was opened in 1983 in response to the growing consumer demand for quick service restaurants.

Our mission is to provide each guest great tasting, healthy, reasonably-priced seafood & chicken in a fast, friendly manner on every visit.

Our secret batter prepared fresh throughout the day makes Long John Silver's seafood and chicken tastes like no other in the world. Enjoy the burst of flavours in your mouth, with each bite of our signature crunchy batter-dipped indulgence.

Long John Silver's unique concept of serving up signature batter-dipped seafood and chicken cooked in 100% high-quality canola oil has not only secured the position as one of the key players in the local fast food arena but also has enjoyed great patronage by the young and vibrant generation aged 15-35.

To date, we have over 20 Long John Silver's restaurants all over the island in major shopping complexes along the MRT networks at prime locations that enjoy excellent visibility.

Looking for great seafood and chicken at an affordable price, or a place to dine with your family and friends? Long John Silver's has something for everyone.


From a satisfying breakfast to start your day right, to your favorite golden crispy battered delights and even delicious snacks and desserts. There is always something for everyone.

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